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too soon at just 61. that is what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morn i'm happy to be back. satellite and radar, not
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picking up on a lot. clouds to the north and south. around us, clear and we are also dry as we go in to the afternoon, things will change a bit.
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street northbound exit delays due to traffic, construction delays at this how, north york road, paving operations underway, that will start. pretty good right now on the web cam, 95 route 43. another check on traffic in a little bit. it wasn't the ncaa's version of the death penalty, but for the fans and alum it may have been. sherrie johnson has reaction to the punishment. >> it was a long list of penalties ncaa penalty crippled the football program for years. it's in the wake of the sexual
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abuse scandal by jerry sandusky. penn state accepts the penalties they signed a agreement which means they won't appeal the punishment. the money prom the fine will go to programs to prevent child abuse. wins from 9 8-2011 have been removed. on campuss students react to the news. >> football does not run this university. we are a community. >> the punishment for penn state could have been worse. ncaa didn't impose the death pep alty and suspend the program all together. on sunday, officials removed the statute of joe paterno from outside the stadium. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. the sanctions were severe intended some say to send a message that protecting children should be the top priority. joe paterno's family feels differently and released a statement pointing out paterno
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was never interviewed by the university or the investigators. they have no access to the records and action doesn't truly serve as justice. a child abuse victim says -- the penn state penalties, those against paterno especially are appropriate. >> do i take sax knowing paterno's reputation is appropriate, it should be be. >> simon thinks nothing will change the impact of being abused a as child. 16 people remain in the hospital following friday's shooting rampage, five hospitalized remain in bad
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shape. they are among the 58 injured. 12 crosses honor those who died in the shooting rampage. an airman came to honor a special man. >> i think of a big nerd, he was humorous, someone who made the office brighter. >> they stood in silence as they remembered those lost. the youngest victim was a 6 year old who just learned to swim. james holmes made his first court appearance monday with flaming red hair and a dazed look. holmes sat silent. one father says holmes looked demonic. sanchez says his daughter barely escaped the theater. her husband was shot in the head and remains in a coma. >> she confirmed this morning, when it's your own daughter,
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she escaped from death by just mere seconds, i would say, it makes you angry. >> holmes is not cooperating with investigators. reports indicate he was plotting the massacre for a number of months. close call for more than a dozen moms and newborn babies in annapolis, evacuated from the arundel county medical center after a three alarm fire. it broke out on the third floor around 6:00. the floor is dedicated to women recovering from childbirth. smoke removal took an extended period of time. we forced air in to the building from outside. they tried to evacuate the smoke from the building. >> 60 firefighters responded to the blaze. no one was hurt. the fire was out in 15 minutes.
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investigators are looking for a cause. heavy clouds, no rain, the worst drought in a half century showing no signs of letting up. we are headed in to america's heartland to show you how things have gotten. women turning to a specific type of birth control, details a bit later. looking outside, not a bad commute. 695, harford road, we will check in with traffic and weather coming up. we will take you to germany, it's 10:00 in the morning. that's a good looking shot. more good morning maryland coming up. [ male announcer ] it would mean one billion dollars for maryland
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and our schools and teachers. thousands of good paying jobs it's the new resort casino at national harbor. but it won't happen unless lawmakers act right now. all that money -- and all those new jobs -- will go to delaware, pennsylvania, west virginia. the only loser: maryland schools. tell your delegate and state senator to vote yes for schools, jobs, and small businesses by saying yes to national harbor. this video from indiana, dried up lake bed at a fish and wildlife area shriveled
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fields. >> unfortunately, drought is drought. you can't get rid of it. >> midwest is getting slammed heat wave after heat wave. >> we need rain of our own, we are 7 inches below. unfortunately, doesn't look like that much coming in, especially for today, maybe a few thunderstorms in forecast. satellite and radar here, pretty much most of the showers and thunderstorms contained to the northern tier states there, indiana, will get thunderstorms, seeing that as of now. not a lot of rain to be had as we zoom in a little bit closer to home, see we are not dealing with rain across the area right now. we are dealing with clear skies, maybe a few showers as we go in to the afternoon. we need downpours to really put a dent in some of the dry weather. right now, we are looking at temperatures warm, we are like 75 degrees in reisterstown,
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buoy 73 degrees. edgewood 76 degrees. now a check of the traffic with mike massco. talking about baltimore city, impacted with the water main break from last week. expect tie ups, especially around light street. we will keeping an eye on 895, issues with the long-term construction, that's going to wrap up next month. 895 northbound, they are working on the bridge. by mid august that should be all taken care of. 69 a, ramp towards the westbound, route 372, going to give you problems this morning. we will talk about your traffic, coming up in a little bit. 7 days in the darks one baltimore county community had to deal with. we will have a live report on what they are saying was the
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problem. and the latest on the timeline, detours and progress of baltimore's light street water main break. you are waking up to what is new in maryland.
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you nied power, you never know how much you need it until it's gone. june 29th, knocked out power for hundreds of thousands in the area. one community says the thing could have been avoided. linda so is live to explain. these people say this comes down to the trees. >> reporter: that's right. trees on this road in mmiddle river. they say in this neighborhood they have been complaining for years because of this unmaintained property and the threat that gathe trees pose w a storm hits.
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they were hit hard when the storms swept through the area in july. the power was out for 7 days because of a big tree that fell on power lines, that tree came from a wooded area owned by the county, people say there are a rot of trees on the piece of county owned land and they have been calling about the problem for years. >> i don't get why they don't do something about it. they know it's a threat to us. >> reporter: officials tell abc 2, they spent inspectors to the yeah to check it out. in two weeks, some of the trees will be coming down. people who live in the neighborhood say they will believe it when they see it. linda so, abc2 news. workers are making significant progress on the broken water main in downtown baltimore, however, parts of light speed will remain closed for the next few weeks. department of public works replaceed two small remains but
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have much to replace on the 20- inch main dating back to 1889. some signs show how to get around the closed road of the downtown area joined by lynette and mike. this is a big thing we will get to in traffic. this is good because the delay in the water allowed other things, heat and whatnot, people to get through that. >> exactly. let's talk about the traffic and back to weather. >> let's talk about that, issues baltimore city, a mess. got this in 695 beltway, police activity. pairing parkway, tied up a little bit. certainly see a lot of stadium traffic through the course of the evening. 7:05 game. >> with the rays. feels like baseball. >> we have a chance for thunderstorms. now, temperatures are warm thp, the heat and humidity the big story. 75 degrees from denton to
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easton, around 76 degrees. winds southwest are light, picking up more as we go throughout the day. let me show you what we are looking at in terms of the dew point. moisture in the air, 70s frederick and winchester.
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recall includes 14-pound chub packages of ground beef produced may 25th and shipped to centers in connecticut, maine and new york for
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distribution. reports say 33 people across 7 states have become ill so far. with women there are options when it comes to birth control. intrauterine devices are gaining popularity. doctors say iuds and injectables are safe and can be given to girls as young as 14. contraceptions last up to five years and reversible. >> you have your iud on, it can stay for five years, you want to get pregnant, you take it out, your pregnancy rate goes up to 85%. that's what the average pregnancy rate is. >> they recommend consulting with your doctor about which long acting contraception device may work best for you. news around the nation, 11 days since two cousins disappeared in iowa.
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cook is 10 years old and collins is 8, police believe they are alive and not missing but have been kidnapped. people in the community are selling butcher -- bumper sticker, t-shirts and buttons hoping anyone with information will come forward as soon as possible. the first american woman to fly in space has died. sally ride passed away. she launched in space in 1983. she took a trip aboard challengeer a year later. she was known for inspiring generations of young people especially girls towards pursuing careers in science. she died at the age of 61. top aids experts in washington this week for the first time in 22 years with the international aids conference. aids memorial quilt was layed out on the national mall, that quilt has 94,000 names and a specific role in the fight against the disease.
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experts say there are more than 34 million people living with hiv and aids around the world. a shipyard worker charged with setting fire that caused $400 million in damages to the u.s. navy submarine made its first court appearance. casey james did not enter a plea. he is charged with arson inside the u.s.s. miami. he is charged with a smaller fire outside the sub in june. no one was killed but there were minor injuries. he didn't enter a plea. he could face life in prison if convicted. today is one of those days where the outdoor activities you are going to want to do them in the morning. mowing the yard, yes, 76 baltimore, 75 dc. 78 degrees in york.
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75 frederick. 72 culpepper and win chester. the temperatures will heat up throughout the day. we will throw in humidity as well. looking at the upper 60s baltimore to dc. 70s in frederick and also win chester. soupy outside. we are feeling it. this is the air that you wear, we will be wearing it all day long. satellite and radar, not a lot. not a lot of cloud cover this morning, things could change in to the afternoon as we have a cold front that will get closer to us, that could help with showers and thunderstorms and the heating of the day will aid in the pop up thunderstorms as well. we have high pressure to the south of us now, that's bringing in the southwesterly flow we are feeling, that's a warm moist flow. future trend on the fact we have the chance for showers and storms as we go in to the rush hour this evening. rush hour, not bad in terms of the weather, as we go in to the afternoon that could change. we look at the forecast as we head through the next several
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days and drying out a bit. tomorrow less humid. hour by hour forecast, 94 is what i'm going with. we should be around 8 7-8 8. we are talking about that game day forecast. first pitch 7:05, they are playing the rays, temperature right around 90 degrees, the thunderstorm is possible and it will be on the breezy side as we look at the seven-day forecast for you, my eye goes to the dryer and seasonable weather as we head in to next week. now a check of the traffic with mike massco. here is what is going on. we have a few issues to talk about. baltimore city, we have the water main break, that's going to tie you up. police activity on the pairing parkway, that may tie you up. 695, beltway on the north side. let's go outside and look at the traffic camera, show you a
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shot. 695, baltimore national pike, all is well on the roads. that's going to be subject to change. 43 to 695, 95 to 83, an 11 minute ride. a check on traffic and weather in a little bit. opening ceremonies for the olympics four days away. if you are headed across the pond, some security tips you need to keep in mind.

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